Discover Savencia Produits Laitiers International

Savencia Produits Laitiers International  was founded in 1983. Until then, each Savencia Group subsidiary directly exported its products overseas, often to the same markets and customers. In an effort to make things simpler for customers and for more rational in-house operations, all group services were brought together to form a single body, Savencia Produits Laitiers International.

Having become an autonomous company,Savencia Produits Laitiers International implemented research into quality and customer satisfaction, which together are what drives the Savencia Group subsidiaries. Because every customer and every market is different, Savencia Produits Laitiers International decided to improve its local presence in markets and customise its services.

Over the years, the organisation of the company has settled and, while retaining its versatility, it has introduced specialist services. Gradually, mobile regional managers have been recruited and relocated. They work closely with the sales support department.
At the same time, the logistics and marketing departments were set up, and the administration acquired some highly effective systems.

Savencia Produits Laitiers International  has steadily been entrusted with the management of new territories and new product ranges such as cooked meats and seafood. Savencia Produits Laitiers International  has developed genuine expertise in many professional areas for all these new sectors.
Flexibility, responsiveness and the ability to adapt are Savencia Produits Laitiers International’s aims, both for developing new segments and for scaling back in countries experiencing various crises.

Finally, in keeping with the group philosophy, Savencia Produits Laitiers International  is growing its own special skills, benefitting from its expertise to promote the products and concepts of tomorrow.