Stuffed vegetables with SAINT ALBRAY

4 people


200 g of SAINT ALBRAY, 6 tomatoes, 1 cucumber, 8 large button mushrooms, 220 g of sweetcorn, 1 bunch of flattened parsley, 1 bunch of mint, ½ lemon, 2 spoonfuls of olive oil, salt and pepper


Take the tops off 4 tomatoes and scoop their insides out carefully with a teaspoon. Peel the cucumber (leave a strip or two of skin if you wish), chop the ends off and cut into 4 sections of equal length. Scoop the insides out carefully using a teaspoon without touching the bottom so as to leave a base. Wash the mushrooms carefully, scoop their insides out gently too using a teaspoon and take care not to break them. Remove the rind of the SAINT ALBRAY and cut into cubes. Finely chop the parsley and the mint. Cut the 2 remaining tomatoes into 4, seed and cut into dice. Put in a bowl. Add the corn, parsley and mint as well as the SAINT ALBRAY cubes. Mix the juice of half a lemon, the olive oil and a spoonful of warm water in a bowl. Add salt and pepper. Pour the dressing on top of the salad and mix well. Divide the mixture into the empty tomatoes, the cucumber sections and the mushrooms. Keep in the fridge before serving. Recommendation: first scoop out the insides of the 4 tomatoes to be stuffed: this way, if you accidentally pierce one, you can chop it up and use one of the two remaining tomatoes instead... To save time use pre-packaged lemon juice.