Savencia Produits Laitiers International know-how

Professions and skills:

The aim of Savencia's major export subsidiary - Savencia Produits Laitiers International  - is to establish and develop the Savencia group’s brands, in all markets where a culture for cheeses and specialist foods is emerging, especially markets outside Europe.

Savencia Produits Laitiers International aims to provide the opportunity to discover and appreciate its wide range of specialities made using French gastronomic expertise: cheeses, cooked meats and seafood.

This distribution takes place in a wide variety of markets in accordance with different local conditions.

This challenge forces us to continually develop and review our skills in sales, marketing and logistics.

Commercial Expertise

Our sales team is of course committed to developing existing markets, but also aims to open up new territories.

Our expertise is mainly in retail both at the cheese counter and on shop shelves.
Sales staff make effective use of modern technology to ensure total quality and maximum satisfaction for the customer, through customised and professional monitoring that covers:
- ranges of products suited to each market.
support for customers in their sales operations.
monitoring orders.
- managing promotional offers.
- rapidly resolving any issues.

This commercial expertise is combined with a similar level of skill and knowledge in marketing, administration and logistics.

Marketing Expertise

We are developing the iconic Savencia brands, as well as a portfolio of international brands specially developed for introductory markets. Our mission here is to offer the products that are most likely to meet consumer expectations in each country.
This involves:
- choosing the right products from the broad range within our group, as well as outsourcing.
- complying with all kinds of local peculiarities.
- developing products specifically suited to new market segments.
- committing all necessary resources to attract, win over and secure loyalty among consumers.

Nevertheless, commercial and marketing expertise can only maximise its potential when backed by effective administration and logistics.

Administrative and Logistics Expertise

Optimising the supply chain and managing export documentation are priorities for us, as our products are fresh and delicate with a relatively short shelf-life.

- They require great care:
Our fresh products require specific and strictly controlled storage and logistics.
It is essential that the cold chain is maintained, in order to ensure the best possible quality for consumers. Any incident affecting logistics can alter the quality of the product.

- Nonetheless, they have to reach distant markets:
As a major export subsidiary, we must be able to export to anywhere in the world, with ever-tighter deadlines, in order to offer the maximum in-store shelf-life.

- They will only reach their markets if all documentation needed for export (various administrative, compliance and health certificates, etc.) is fully compliant with local authorities’ requirements upon delivery.

Our logistics come into force at the group’s French hub (a 300,000T/year warehouse) and with road, air and sea transport providers.

As guarantor of the quality of the services provided to its customers, Savencia Produits Laitiers International  is committed to highly effective operations. A key element of this is grouping together products for our customers that they would otherwise have to order from a number of other suppliers. A single point of contact monitors orders, taking particular care to optimise residual shelf-life.

Driven by a spirit of partnership, we are continually developing our website to serve you, support you and keep you informed as efficiently as possible.

This is how we strive for our goal ofexcellence.

Quality Commitments

Savencia Produits Laitiers International  Quality Charter

Every day, the Savencia Fromage & Dairy Overseas team will work closely with you to ensure you are kept supplied with a wide variety of quality food products made by the Savencia Group production subsidiaries. speciality cheeses, cooked meats and seafood.

Our products’ reputation demands an excellent level of service and a constant focus on quality in order to meet the expectations you – and your consumers – rightly have.

As we are aware that you are owed the best, we – that is, all members of the teams involved - have undertaken an in-depth analysis of the current level of the services we provide.
This has enabled us to identify areas for improvement and introduce action plans.
Our "Customer Satisfaction" commitment is the result.

We are determined to better understand and satisfy your expectations. Through their everyday efforts, each employee contributes to upholding our commitments  and with your help we will regularly assess how our "customer satisfaction" level is performing.

Each time you renew your trust in us, it proves we are making progress towards excellence.